About Us

Want to know more about us?

Let’s be honest, referrals are more important to you (or they should be) than what we might tell you about us. 

“Israel and his team were very helpful in helping us to understand our churn, how to measure it, and how to prevent it. Highly recommended for any team looking to understand their data but is not yet ready to make a full-time data science hire. “

mike salguero . CEO, ButcherBox

“The Findable Consulting team a marketing and Google Analytics geniuses. Their knowledge and experience with Business Intelligence have already helped my business improve our conversion rate and re-engage with our existing customers. Wicked awesome.”

Peter Beckman, CEO, tossabledigits.com

“I was extremely impressed with the Findable Consulting team, especially with the time they took to really understand our business and strategy, and the care they took in helping us craft our strategy. They helped make a complex problem seem simple and then executed professionally and reliably.”

Michael Sattler, President, Splitzee

Primary Services 

Our primary services involve Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)Churn Risk AnalysisPredictive Analytics SoftwareListening Platform Software and Marketing Automation Software in our Implementation, Training and Service Contracts.

Some examples include: HubSpotPardotLoopFuseNet-ResultsEloquaMarketoInfusion SoftAct-OnSilverPopHyLyOffice Autopilot

Download the Excel version of our 7-Criteria Marketing Automation Vendor Analysis

Correlative Sales Analysis and Analytics Consulting(extensive 20-minute how-to video). Correlative Sales Analysis is basically data mining for sales opportunities. We collect and deliver to you the visitor behavior patterns that most resemble the buying behavior of your customers. That’s Correlative Sales Analysis. And it’s found money.

How We Do Correlative Sales Analysis:
We start by scraping years or just months of your sales conversion data (whether Google Analytics, Omniture or other Analytics Tools) and well… if you want to know what happens next, read the full story in this blog post.

Don’t have sales conversion data? We can fix that too. Ask us for our recommended list of Analytics products.

Other Supporting Services

  • We analyze and use your social media channels and then make contact with the key individuals that lead to opportunities– from B2B to C2B and B2C.
  • We no longer do B2GG2C or G2B unless the marketing is edgy and we consider the project highly ethical open, public, and innovative.

Sales Intelligence Consulting

Expertise Ranking (and see this article for more detail).

Talent identification and Retention Check out chapter 18 of  “Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em” explains some of the strategies we help you understand and implement.

Inbound Marketing

Cross Selling Strategy and B2B Partnerships.

Affiliate Marketing Identification and Analysis

Professional Reputation Enhancement (using a combination of strategies with Linkedin.com, Evisors.com, Clarity.fm and other online strategies)

Polls and customer feedback software management (using products like Listen360, etc)

Personas and Target Demographic Identification

Social Media Monitoring

Who we work with

We are Experts in the following Business Sectors: University Advancement Departments, Semiconductor marketing data,
Marketing Departments, Telecoms, Startups, Independent Software Vendors, Advertising Agencies, Restaurant Chains, Independent Authors and Journalists, Airline Industry, R&D Departments, PR Departments, HR Departments and Talent Recruiting Agencies.
We provide what we call Opportunity mining for all of these industries.